Today's Rehearsal/Immigration

Today's rehearsal was a little harder to get going than the other rehearsal's I've had so far. Tomorrow we have a showing in our composition class and I was working on that material and itl is just at the beginning. It needs some time to brew before I have any clarity with it; so sometimes it is hard to show it or even work on it at this stage. Often it is very helpful for me to leave it alone for a while and then return to it and it just flows easily. But, since we have a showing tomorrow I had to move it along, as it were.

I am working on 2 different pieces this summer, but both are going to be apart of a larger work that I'm developing that explores personal narratives and the political and societal challenges with human migration and immigration. Just a couple of moments ago I read short personal stories around immigration from different web sites. One, "What's your immigration story?", shows actual postcards from people who've sent in their stories. Another site from the New York City Library lists immigrations stories in literature. And a last site is a personal story from a man who moved from Viet Nam. All very interesting and, at times, overwhelming.

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