Movement Two: Adelais Twisting

Here's the second in my series of videos of my daughter moving. In this one Adelais is hanging upside down during a aerial lesson with my wife and she just began doing this twisting movement side to side - completely her own initiation. Caught my wife off guard, but was pretty cool.

Movement Two: Aselais Twisting from Daniel Burkholder on Vimeo.


First Adelais/Movement Video

I am creating a short series of videos featuring Adelais (my daughter) doing repetitive movement - which she loves to do. Each one will be less than a minute. This first one was recorded while we were in Milwaukee on a playground with Andrea (wife/mom) pushing her on a swing. She (Adelais) makes the best sound as she's being pushed.

Adelais Swinging from Daniel Burkholder on Vimeo.