Open Technology Project

I do like technology. There I admitted it....

But, I haven't really invited it into my dance making or performing much in the past. Last summer I created a solo for internet performance and a couple of times I've used video in performance. But, not really that much.

Next week at The PlayGround's performance of Ad Libitum 2.0 we'll be initiating a new project that embraces technology - the Open Technology Project - in which audience members will be invited to take photos and video of the performance and edit it and post it online. They will also be encouraged to Tweet, text or update their status about the performance while the performance is happening - I might even Tweet about the show while it's happening, we'll see...

My interest in doing this is to see how inviting technology into the performance space, instead of discouraging or banning it, influences the experience of the performance. I think there is an assumption it will make it less enjoyable or the audience will be distracted. That may be true, but I'm curious to do the experiment. 

I'm also curious about how different groups of people react and interact with the invitation to use their technology during the performance. Is it true that the younger people in the audience embrace this opportunity more fully or easier than the older generation - or this just an assumption? I'm curious.

We may also broadcast the performance live on the internet. We're working out the bugs. I'll let you know.