Why I'm Excited About The Chemistry of Lime Trees

Way back in 2008 I began thinking about and planning The Chemistry of Lime Trees, with the first incarnation appearing as a solo in the summer of 2009. Since then I have worked closely with my collaborators - Susan Oetgen, Kathryn Harris Banks, Stephanie Yezek, Stefanie Quinones Bass, Jonathan Matis, and Tony Melone - to build a work that is layered, visceral and has surprised me in many ways.

I am excited for our upcoming performances March 14 through March 24 at The Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint because we have not had the opportunity to share this work with our community in DC proper - we've performed it in New York City, Milwaukee and out in Reston, but now we'll be right downtown.

I am excited to share The Chemistry of Lime Trees because it is a work unlike any other I've made - being based on factual historical stories involving plot and characters it is much more theatrical than my previous work. It is emotional, intense, and even occasionally funny.

I am excited for these performances because we will be performing 8 times over two weeks - highly unusual for a dance company. This will give us the opportunity to share the work with a broader audience, deepen our performing experience and hopefully give everyone who wants to see the performance an opportunity to see it.

These performances are a culmination and a continuation for the company. It is a culminate of five years of research, rehearsing, creation and performing The Chemistry of Lime Trees. It is the second project of our two year project - The Perimeter Project - which started last fall with our presentation of Scenic Route. Over the next two years we will exploring the role of borders and boundaries, both real and imagined, through numerous projects, performances and events.

Here is a video where I talk alittle bit more about The Chemistry of Lime Trees, as well as our current fundraising campaign to support these performances.

USA Projects 1 Version 2 from Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround on Vimeo.

Find out more about our USA Project HERE.