Inhibition, the good kind

This morning in my Alexander Technique (AT) class we talked about Inhibition from the AT point of view, which is different from a Freudian perspective. In AT, as per my understanding, Inhibition is pausing before you do something so that you can inhibit your habitual response and be open to a new possibility in this moment. For example, if you always crunch your neck as you stand up from a chair you would pause before you get up, inhibit the crunching and then proceed to stand up with a new possibility. In the Freudian sense, or at least how I normally think about inhibition is that it is about stopping something you want to do, or stopping what comes naturally. I usually think of inhibition as a negative, but in AT Inhibition is about getting your habits out of the way so that what is natural or more efficient is possible. It is certainly an interesting idea and I am curious how we will continue to explore and develop the idea as we go along.

After class my roommate and long time friend, K., took me on a long walk and made me walk up and down these steep stairs what felt like a thousand times. She likes to work out, alot.

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