Today We Begin Again

Today we started what will be our schedule for the rest of the summer - more or less. In Comp I we worked on spacial pathways by way of a Bob Dunn excercise. It was rather simple - though the variations on the theme that each choreographer came up with was quite interesting. This first day seems alittle simple, but I'm curious where J. (our teacher) will go with it.

We also stared another one week workshop today - a technique class by a guess teacher. The teacher is quite well known and I was really looking forward to the workshop - unfortunately today was alittle bit of a disappointment. B. (the teacher) seemed alittle under the weather or out of sorts in a way, and had the energy of a wet dish rag. At the beginning of class she wasn't sure how to introduce her self or how she wanted us to introduce ourselves to her. The first hour was disjointed and confusing. During the second 45 minutes she seemed more focused and we began to dig in alittle to the work. This workshop is optional and I won't be surprised if some people don't come back - but I'll go because the theory is really interesting and I'm hoping with alittle rest she will be at least alittle more energized tomorrow.

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