Home in the Studio

This morning I had my first rehearsal for my next project, post-Ocean. I'm currently researching human migration and immigration - not just in the U.S., but as a world wide phenomenon. There is so much information, points of view, issues and potentials with human migration that it can certainly be overwhelming. So, for this solo, which will be apart of the larger work, I've decided to bring it down to examine the idea of home - which everyone must leave to migrate. What is home? How do we define it and find it? It is especially pertinent right now for me as I am away from home for 7 weeks while I'm here at school (since I've temporarily migrated here). To reflect on my thoughts about home I did some writing, here's an excerpt:
Home is where I live.
Home is where I know my way around.
Home is familiar.
Home is a nest.
Home is yield.
Home is bare feet, ratty clothes and messy hair.
Home is my body.
Home is my daughter's breath.
Home is family.
Home is refugee.

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