Talkers and Movers

Today was the last day of our first week workshop from which I've been posting stuff. We spent the week looking closely at Modern Dance Pedagogy and how we find our unique voice. As always, it has been so helpful to reflect, get feedback, try things out and re-think our assumptions. I'm looking forward to the fall when I get an opportunity to teach some technique classes and put this into practice - it does seem alittle long to wait.

One of the best parts of the week was getting to know the other students. For this workshop all the students (first, second & third years) were in the workshop together. One thing that became clear over the week was that my class (the first years) think and talk alot. At the bar tonight one of the second year students commented that you could tell what year students were by noting how much they talked - the third years some, the second years barely, the first years alot. I'm excited about my class, which is a nice relief, because we do seem like a group of thinkers and talks, as well as some really nice movers.

This coming weekend we don't have much home work, but I've got 2 rehearsals and will be beginning work on a solo for my new project. Yea!

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