Lo-Tech Hi-Tech

I am interested in technology and how it can effect our art-making, art-presenting and art-viewing experiences. I have dabbled with technology in a number of ways - using video projection in performance, creating a performance for internet broadcast, encouraging audience members to post pictures and video of performances online, and irregularly posting videos online of performances and rehearsals. But I am also interested in technology as an social equalizer and not as an elitist tool. Because of this I am often searching for ways in which we can use technology at the lowest entry point, but still make it compelling and interesting. For instance, many of my most recent videos posted online has been shot and edited using my ipod touch. While an ipod touch is not cheap, it is much less expensive than owning a video camera, a decent computer and having software to edit the raw video footage. By having one, very small and portable devise to take care of many of my video needs I am able to create videos quickly and inexpensively. Another example will be my upcoming performance of Worship/Home in which we will be doing a live video feed (with live internet broadcast) in which we will be using the free site Ustream. Again, instead of expensive equipment and software we will be using an ipod touch with a free app from Ustream (using a free membership) to transfer the live feed from the theater to another location within Joe's. There are times, of course, when I see a performance that using high end technology to great effect and I am amazed and inspired, but because I am interested in the technology available to the widest range of people, I continue to explore these low cost entry points.

Art in the hands of the people!

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