Earth Day Connection, By Chance

This coming Sunday is Earth Day, it is also the second night of the company's performance of our newest work - Worship/Home. In this work we explore acts of home, creating home, leaving home and being without a home. A metaphor often used in conjunction with Earth Day is that the earth is everybody's home and, of course, we should take care of it. Throughout Worship/Home we address the question "What is your favorite place in your home?" Coincidentally, when developing this material I wrote about how my favorite place is my family's garden - which, obviously, connects closely to Earth Day. Here is the text as performed in Worship/Home:

"My favorite place in my home is the garden. The optimism of the moment. The potential of bounty. The peas and tomatoes and beans. A bowl full of chard. The satisfaction of growing food. Between the planting and picking, early in the morning, when my family - my wife, my daughter - and I are in the garden, checking its progress, picking weeds, watering - these are the moments of togetherness, of doing something that feels vital, important. To have a garden is an act of community, an act of love. It is our spiritual work - to dig in the dirt, plant possibilities, nurture and harvest. This garden is the farthest I can get from my computer and daily to-do lists. It is an embrace and an island, a breath and a release. It just feels so good, to get my hands so dirty."

Go here to get more info on our performances: http://goo.gl/G3gAT

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