Turning The PlayGround Green

I love being outdoors. I love to garden (though one might describe it as an "its complicated" relationship). I love hiking. I love dancing outside. Because of all this love, beginning January 2013 The PlayGround will begin transforming our artistic practice into a more sustainable and ecologically responsible process. The environment and climate change has long been an interest of mine and has manifested most prominently in the company's three year project, My ocean is never blue. During those three years the company explored humanity's multi-faceted relationship to water - from our personal relationship to spiritual, societal and political relationships. More recently we have explored the space where dance and nature can meet through our Scenic Route events. (see a wonderful video by Brian Harris from our last event here.) Beginning next year we will begin to incorporate those interests and concerns into our daily practices.

To begin, we are going to purchase carbon off-sets for the company's travel to and from all rehearsals and performances. Through carbonfund.org we will donate money in direct proportion to the miles we travel. This money will be used to develop renewable energy, energy efficiency programs, and reforestation projects. It is a small first step, but one we hope will make a difference.

As we move forward with this initiative - which we are calling The Green PlayGround - we will continue to finds ways to expand our conservation efforts to help make the world a greener place to dance.

Katie and Stephanie on one of our rehearsals for our recent performance of "Scenic Route 2.0".

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