Scenic Route 2.0

On October 6th at 8 a.m. The PlayGround will lead 15 people on a three hour hike along one of D.C.'s most scenic routes with performances at specific locations along the hike, in a work we call Scenic Route. I was recently talking with someone about this performance and while they were intrigued with this idea they had a central question, "Why?". This is, of course, a very good question. Why take a group of people out of a theater into an unpredictable environment? Why present a work you can only show to 15 people at a time? Why dance on rocks, next to a river, or along a dirt path? Why, oh why, schedule a performance to start at 8 a.m.? There is no doubt the work is difficult to create without the comforts of a studio - we've battled mosquitos, been caught in a rain storm and rocks are much less forgiving than a nice suspended dance floor, but, at the same time, it is exhilarating standing on a rock, peering over a ravine and allowing that experience to inspire you to move. There is something deeply satisfying about returning to the same place, away from the concrete and noise of the city, and have the space to breathe, move and find an openness nature encourages. I, and I think the whole company, finds a new way to relate to our bodies and find surprising movements and connections. We are also given the opportunity to explore new ways to share our dancing - playing with perspective, movement generation and proximity. And finally, looking forward to the performance, there is a difference in the relationship we are allowed to have with the audience that is not as formal as in a theatrical setting. Between the different movement sections we are able to talk, share our experiences and experience community with the audience - even if this community only lasts 3 hours. We have the opportunity to settle in, truly connect with the place and each other, and find a different, slower way to engage in performance, dance and nature. 

Contact us at info@danielburkholdertheplayground.org if you're interested in being one of the 15 lucky ones to join us on your hike! (sliding scale: $25 -$250) :)

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