Q&A about "Primary/Scale"

This coming Saturday (5/21/11) the company will be presenting Primary/Scale, one of the largest and longest works the company has ever created. We'll be performing 3 45-minute instillation type works, each one using different material - 1,000 bricks, 1500 square feet of sod and, lastly, we'll be dancing in a big fountain with 150 bowls. We'll also be presenting dance films based on these elements during throughout the day on iPods. Come to the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival to check it all out. Below is alittle Q&A about the work. 

Q: What was the inspiration for PRIMARY/SCALE?

DB: As I was thinking about creating a work for the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival I became interested in working with materials in much the same way as painters or sculptures do. So, we decided to create three sections each exploring a different material - bricks, sod and water.

Q: Can you say more about what you're going to do with these elements?

DB: Yea, at the beginning of each section the bricks, or sod, or bowls will be stacked or set to the side of the performance space. As the work continues we'll move, build, manipulate and create an environment or set with the materials. At the end of each section we will have created something tangable - a set or instillation - much the same way studio artists create an object through their creative process.

Q: What about the dance videos on the iPods, how do they fit in?

DB: We're going to have two teams of two people with iPods moving throughout the festival showing short videos to one or two people at a time. This comes from an interest in working with scale. Again, thinking about the festival where there will be large sculptures or paintings and very small earings and such, I wanted to explore scale - big and small. The instillation works are on quite a large scale and these videos will be on a much smaller, intimate scale. We're trying to work both ends of the spectrum, as it were.

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