Coming Back to "ocean"

Today was the first rehearsal back with the performers who'll be in the next, and probably, final version of "My ocean is never blue". My company and I have been creating, re-creating and performing the work for 3 years and this fall it will have its final performances - one at James Madison University and the other at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. The first performance at JMU will feature our core company of 5 dancers with an additional 8 dancers from JMU. The second performance at CSPAC will be a collaboration of The PlayGround (9 dancers) with Arachne Aerial Arts, Coyaba Dance Theater and Devi Dance Theater. These four companies will be adding to the foundation of the work my company has created over the course of this project. Each company will have their own section within the evening length work as well as being in sections together. The performance will feature over 25 performers with live music that includes Jonathan Matis, a piano quartet and African water drums. We're very excited about all these performances and I'll be writing alot more as each project continues to develop.

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